1- Develop your Mobile App:

When you put on the Android Market or on the Apple Store an app or game designed to promote a product or brand, you have successfully opened up a line of communication with potential customers.

The user will play often with your software (26% of mobile app users, in the months following download, use an app more than 10 times and may go on to use that app hundreds of times).

Whether you app is designed to entertain or to be useful, to advertise or not, you have an open channel of communication you can use later in your campaign, see next points.

2 - Creating Valuable and Relevant Branded Content:

Value content attracts and engages users; if your content is not entertaining, your customers simply will not engage with it.

Relevant content advertise and strengthen brand attitude.
For example, if you are in the business travel industry, you can develop a Trivia Game; you may show geographical quizzes on beautiful places, which are destination of the travel you offer.

3 - In House Ads:

Your potential customers have installed your app, they use it, possibly having fun, now its time to send them information about your products or services, special offers or events you have planned.

You can design this type of information on the run, after the launch of you app on the market, and convey it through InHouse Ads.

InHouse Ads are a feature most mobile advertising companies offer, and it is free!

Simply you reserve a space in your app, in which later will be pushed text or image based banners. This banners, once clicked, links to whatever you want, your web site, a phone number, or even another app in the app store.
With InHouse Ads you use the line of communication you previously opened, and the content you messages can be designed and pushed at run time.

4 - Social Media Marketing:


You have developed an app and you are communicating with your potential customers through it. Now it's time to go viral thanks to Social Media Marketing!
There are many ways of doing it, for example:

Challenges: user can play a game, and with score data recorded, issue a challenge one or more Facebook friends.

Invitation: your app can let the user invite his friends from various social networks to download it.

Achievements: Players love achievements. You can drive your players through the game by creating achievements that reward more points for increasing difficulty. As they unlock an achievement, messages are sent to social network friends, in order to let them know your user is enjoying this game, and that he is completing goals.

About the authors:

Irene Proietti is currently working at Studio-SG as Marketing Communication Officer, exploring new possibilities offered by mobile devices in the field of e-Marketing. She can be contacted at irene.proietti@studio-sg.net

Sergio Giucastro is currently working at Studio-SG as Game Designer, getting down and dirty with Google Android development and monitoring how game design impacts on in-game advertising.He can be contacted at sergio@studio-sg.net